Cybernetica and University of Tartu to perform in DARPA’s privacy programme Brandeis

Cybernetica AS has been awarded a contract with the United States Air Force Research Laboratory to contribute to the Brandeis privacy R&D programme of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The Novel Tools for Analyzing Privacy Leakages (NAPLES) project will be carried out by Cybernetica with the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Tartu as a subcontractor.

“DARPA’s Brandeis programme will develop privacy technologies for IT systems,” said dr Peeter Laud, Cybernetica’s research director, who leads the work on analyzing privacy in software in the NAPLES project. “This collaboration allows us to work together with the top researchers in the world.”

“Our team will learn to find leaks of private data in business processes and then remove them,” explained professor Marlon Dumas from the University of Tartu. “Additionally, the project will look for ways for measuring the impact of private information leaking from a system.”

“We will build free tools for software companies to make future software safer and prevent leaks of private data”, added Dan Bogdanov from Cybernetica, leader of the NAPLES tool development team in Cybernetica.

This is the second time for Cybernetica to perform in a DARPA programme. Previously, Cybernetica developed secure computing technology in DARPA’s Programming Computation on Encrypted Data programme running from 2011 to 2015. Participation in the Brandeis programme is a natural continuation on Cybernetica’s ongoing work on improving the security of IT systems of governments and companies alike.

Contacts: Peeter Laud, Cybernetica Research director, phone: +372 5661 2941, e-mail: peeter [ät] cyber [dot] ee;
Professor Marlon Dumas, University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science, phone: +372 5637 7557, e-mail: